April 29, 2013

Venus Williams has said that she wants to win Wimbledon Championship again before retiring from the game. Venus has already won the Wimbledon Championship 5 times in her career.

Venus is currently ranked at no. 21 in the official rankings of WTA. She was at the no. 1 position at one point of time in her career, but, a couple of years back, she suffered from a disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. This disease makes a person lose its energy rapidly.

Because of that disease, Venus had to miss a lot of games and her world ranking came down drastically. However, she recovered from that a few months ago and her ranking is improving day by day now.

Recently, she has helped USA winning a Fed Cup clash against Sweden by defeating Johanna Larsson in the second reverse singles match.

Since the last 10 months or so, there have been continuous rumours about Venus’ retirement.  However, she has always denied it.

Venus got frustrated when she was asked about retirement once again.  She said, “Wherever I go, I am asked this question and it’s really frustrating. I have already said several times before that I don’t have retirement in my mind at all. I will think about retirement only when I lose the interest in the game.”

“I have to achieve some targets before quitting the game and the first in that list is to become the Wimbledon Champion again.”

When asked about her fitness, she said, “My fitness is improving gradually and I can feel my energy level going up every day.”

“The only problem for me is that I love eating sweet things and the Sjogren’s patients shouldn’t do that. They should be eating green vegetables and should take as less sugar as possible. I have cut down my sugar intake, but, still, it’s more than the limit. However, one thing is certain. I am never going to stop having Jamba Juice.”