25 comments on “The Impressions Show – Andy Murray Tennis”

  1. awwww Andy ­čśŤ Let’s hope you do better at US Open than you did in Cincinnati.´╗┐ At least you have your Gold medal & hot girlfriend, right?

  2. Andy´╗┐ Murray is twice the player Tim Henman ever was. With Lendl, he should get better. Funny video though!

  3. Posh twat Henman won a laughable 11 single titles and never even made it to a GS final. Their are retarded Somali toddlers who could beat him without breaking a sweat. Nothing was more hilarious than watching the nation´╗┐ continually kiss his arse and get a mouthful of shit for their efforts every time.

  4. It doesn’t matter if he wins 1000 singles titles. Tennis players are ultimately judged on GS wins, and Murray is´╗┐ still firmly tied with Henman in that regard.

    Come on Tim!

  5. He has won a total of 22 single titles.

    I did feel sorry for him when he lost today. But I felt more sorry for the pathetic English, who have to rely on the talents of other nations for a bit of tennis glory.´╗┐ I don’t know which they should be more embarrassed about: relying on a Scot as their main hope of victory or the relying on the Danes to prop them up in doubles. And don’t even get me started on that chubby Robson or abortive failure Watson.

  6. Who cares if´╗┐ its ‘outdated’? It still holds true… he hasn’t won anything!

  7. Massive Andy fan´╗┐ – it still made me laugh & I bet he would too. :=))

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