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  1. Dwyer – please stick to picking a sport that you understand (boxing) because you have zero knowledge of tennis and actually most casual fans have very little knowledge also. Tennis is very different to boxing, the only thing in common really is its a solo sport. So let me begin with saying that was a TERRIBLE call because actually in my eyes Murray was a lock in that match due to djokovic being more fatigued due to he has played more than anyone this year and Murray infact was better rested

  2. Dwyer also talk about Tennis now ? ….Or is this just a temporary exception ?…Im just asking because i don’t remember him ever talking about any other sport than boxing. (well , maybe basketball once or twice and even MMA when Toney had to fight Couture)…

  3. @iamrob7 Too bad dwyer didnt notice. It appears murray was a live underdog the whole time, with his overall experience you cant count him out in a 3 set final. Odds wuddve been great

  4. You may have lost this bet but logic dictated that Djokovic would win. I agree tennis can be good to bet on, I usually make a bundle during the first week of grand slams bar the French open, which can be a bit unpredictable. Looking forward to the US Open next week.

  5. @bolder2009 murray beat his ass in rome he lost but so did monfils the other night…
    murray has all the tools

  6. @dwyer70905 That was surprising. Was Novak having shoulder trouble coming into this? I hadn’t heard a thing. I don’t think he should have quit. Lacking n class there a bit IMO.

    BTW……you should do more tennis videos. I’m a big fan of the sport.

  7. I don’t doubt that he was struggling with an injury of some kind. After the amount of tennis he has played there was bound to be some wear and tear. From the first game of the match, it was clear that something was not right with his game today. Probably mental fatigue as much as anything else.

  8. Dwyer do you think that Djokovic would have quit if he won the 1st set? It seems to me that its a physchological ploy to retire from the match that he was losing, than for Murray to have an outright victory. Murray will still have questions on whether he could have closed it out. Djokovic can tell himself that he could still have won. It might seem far fetched, but Tennis is a very mental game. Murray wins without the assurance of knowing that he beat Djokovich. Smart yet devious move by Novak?

  9. Murray always seems to be underestimated at the masters events, he’s always been very competitive over 3 sets with the rest of the top 4. Of course things seem to change a little in semis and finals of the slams.

  10. To be fair, Murray only collapses in Grand Slam Finals, he’s beaten Djokovic in the same tournament as this one in the final in 2008. But Djokovic should win. Also Murray came so close to beating Djokovic on clay (Murrays weakest surface by far) earlier this year, when Djokovic was yet to lose. I’d also be surprised if Djokovic doesn’t win the US Open.

  11. @iamrob7 – Good point. But Djokovic has beaten him in the last two matches, including the Australian Open (hard court) in straight sets.

  12. As I can bet in play over here, my plan is to put something small down on Murray and look for an opportunity during the 1st set to cover myself on Novak. Their last 3 set match was extremely close and went to a tie break in the final set.

    Don’t be surprised if Murray is very competitive. I expect this one to be close despite Murray’s obvious fatigue from the previous game.

  13. I think Djokovic is rightfully the favourite and he will probably win, his form has been incredible this year. I agree also that Murray is jaded from the semi.

    However it’s worth remembering that Murray only “collapses” in GS finals, not 3 set tournament finals. In fact Murray has a 2-0 record in finals against Djokovic in non slam tournaments (both hard).

    IMO Murray is a dangerous proposition for Djok, because of his style.

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