Tennis Legends: Mardy Fish

January 17, 2016

If you are nostalgic about Mardy Fish you would probably want to know how he retired from the game. The former world ranking tennis player decided to end his career when he was tackling an anxiety disorder in his personality. However, he still braved and took on the challenge to play in the US Open. His last matches were in the Flushing Meadows.

Fans would certainly want to see him leave the court and end his career in a victorious manner, but the very fact that he decided to participate in a tournament at the end was a worthy end for him. The US Open saw him playing a match on Wednesday. His career had been a successful one though he did face challenges, the last one being able to participate in the tournament in spite of his problems. The last match also saw him getting back to form, but his opponent took the chance of winning away from him.

The last three years before his last match had not been easy for him. The player ended his career at the age of thirty three. Even though he did not get a win at the end, given the fact that he had been down with a disorder that made it difficult for him to leave home, it was a miracle that he was able to come onto the court and play in front of a worldwide audience.

The disorder hit him during his prime playing years. That took away a considerable amount of talent and efforts. As a result, he was unable to participate in many matches. He took up golf games instead and had become good enough to qualify in the US open qualifying rounds. The fact that he decided to end his career on the court was his decision and it was an achievement that he was able to play till the end.