25 comments on “Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT”

  1. why are racist whites so jealous when blacks do great things? Some people are just afraid because realize that they are inferior. I guess that’s why they tried to paint Jesus white to feel superior. Hahahaha, so sad!

  2. Do any of you responders or sport watchers even go to church and worship?

  3. One thing I can say about white people in other countries, is that i’ve seen them treat
    black people with the upmost of respect and love and treat blacks like their own, when we can’t
    even get that in our own country. They except blacks for who we are and our caracter and when
    they read about our history, and they know alot of it, they say what ashame. We never initiate
    hate are harm to another race as we are treated, we never raise our children to hate. Our race never took land we didn’t own.

  4. Serena is a great american tennis champion, she don’t care who say’s what about her.
    She is a champ, she has money and thousands of fans who love her.
    All of you hate-mongers and nay-sayers get a real life becuse you all will account for your
    bad deeds.

  5. Serena is a great champion in the art of tennis, and her win in the 2012 wimbleton championship is a big news headliner. The media has disrespected this american athelete by
    not even showing Serena’s victory on any of the news channels, but they have been showing
    those whom lost crying on the new’s two days in a row. Get over your hate and denial, you know who i’m addressing when I say that. We’re tired of it, it’s ignorant and UN-God’ly
    Congradulation Serena I know you don’t need the new’s.

  6. isn’t she the all-time world record holder for the biggest penalty for unsportsmanly conduct in the entire history of tennis?

  7. Congratulations to my girl Serena.I am so happy and so proud of her.This maybe her most memorable victory.So sweet after all that she has been through.Go GIRL!!!!!!

  8. @waylifeworks99 Venus got her own history , with great moments & sure she is not living under her sister’s success…..

  9. @Kaitlyn Marshbanks Your absolutely right, Serena in my opinion was always sweet, but on court she has more fire and feeling. People tend to magnify her issues that she goes through an use it to degrade her image. But people loved McEnroes outbursts, they couldnt wait for him to get angry, but soon as Serena does she made to be a bad person. People are so ignorant towards Serema I wonder why…

  10. venus is so sweet. it must be hard to live under her sister’s success, and she’s still genuinely happy for serena 🙂

  11. 5000futuristic, Serena is almost ALWAYS well-behaved. But over the years the racist evil thrown against her piled up so until she finally vented. Over 14 years of playing tennis those couple of vehement protestations should be kept in perspective, as you say. In contrast, if John McEnroe DIDN’T get overly upset, that seemed the exception, not the norm(however, even Johnny Mac had his good points, eg, he refused to play in South Africa when it kept blacks & whites separate).

  12. MideoCruz, And?A black person getting penalized more for doing far LESS than a white culprit is disgusting but hardly surprising.What planet are you from?White men have CHOKED one another on a tennis court-which COULD have literally led to actual murder,without the frothing-at-the-mouth nonsense flowing from racist nitwits that Serena’s mere WORDS caused! The stupid lines judge in Serena’s situation was CLEARLY unprofessionally trying to inject HERSELF in a MAJOR match just to distract Serena!

  13. Serena knows how to act in both instances.With the racist evil she’s overcome,it’s amazing she’s much more often than not,comported herself admirably!So she took vehement issue with a stupid lines judge for trying to unprofessionally inject HERSELF into a MAJOR matchup.That was over the top,but hardly so “horrific” under the circumstances.I wish she hadn’t gotten so upset, as does Serena.But Serena’s a SAINT compared to John McEnroe who spent his entire CAREER like a 2 year-old avoiding naptime!

  14. i remember working for the fire dept in the 80’s .the first time those rednecks saw martina navratilova the dike jokes rolled of their tongue like butter ,then ,a week after that their most coveted man idol rock the cock hudson dropped dead of aids,…….oooh the shock for them to realize those fag jokes rolling off their cuckold tongue was rock hudson’s cum.lmfao!

  15. For those who think she looks like a gorilla or she is actually a man!!! Well, I find her very sexy 😛

  16. she don’t need your approval..she’s a grown ass woman….who the fuck are you to tell somebody how to act…

  17. She acted pretty good when she loss in the French, and at the AO this year, dont forget about the good she does

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