22 comments on “Serena Williams Wins vs Victoria Azarenka Ceremony Women’s Finals US OPEN 2012”

  1. of course the race card is used sometimes because of paranoia of racism, when you see racist stuff constantly the race issue automatically pop in your heard and your questioning the motive. what do you expect, it’s the way it is, they know racism is still out there. like i said if´╗┐ your not racist stop worrying, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

  2. “not” ?? You seriously must look at things in only one dimension.
    Notice how I said´╗┐ attitude and outbursts as main examples. Of course there are racists. Everyone knows that. You also have to know there are people on here who just want to make trouble, and even teens and younger kids who see racist comments who copy them, and don’t know any better. The racist card gets played alot more than you think.

  3. sad that you seem to ignore the racist comments constantly on her videos calling her a nigger, monkey ape and etc. that is what i’m referring too dumb´╗┐ ass. i see that all the time on her videos on you tube. sad that people like you constantly ignore that, and want to make it like racism does not exist anymore. so back off, with that shit. if your judging her on her attitude fine, i’m talking to the racist devils that call her racist names that degrades black people. if your not racist, fine.

  4. Sad that anyone making a derogatory remark of Serena´╗┐ (e.g. her attitude or outbursts) gets called a racist.

  5. Masculine? Bitch plz.´╗┐ Which man do you know to have those NATURAL HIP, TITS AND FINGER TIPS! Get a grip! Sorry that you don’t have the equipment and confidence to meaure up.

  6. Boy she/he is masculine, deep voice protruding jaw line,´╗┐ manic tirades/death threats, prolific attacks, and his nasty arse attitude. The roid have won yet again. I hope she will be careful with the side effects ex; blood clots/. etc.

  7. That’s all they got going tennis´╗┐ ones the money runs out everyones tax money will be aiding her cause they will be broke

  8. OH TRUST ME I know I love azarenka she is my second´╗┐ favorite active player. They only time I route against her is if her and serena are both playing in semi’s. I know she will give serena the tougher time lol.

  9. yup American tennis will die once Williamses retire´╗┐ LOL, All the young Americans suck haha

  10. Warren |Sapp in a dress… From profanity laced tirades to personal´╗┐ attacks, to death threats on lines women, GO USA. She will be remembered for her masculine body, and roids, and skipping sooo many tests. I hope the roids will not cause anymore blood clots. Go Marion. Opps sterena….LMAO

  11. HAHA look it’s little jealous Muffy , weren’t you the retard who said Serena was done for after the French Open loss ? Haha Serena Williams bitchslapped you real good when she won the Summer Triple Crown !!!! lol must be difficult using the same old “man”´╗┐ and “steroid ” jokes to rise your low self esteem !! ha you can’t handle a real woman ­čśë you wuss ! lol Serena’s beautiful TALENT and STRENGTH has paid off once again!! GO SERENA ­čÖé

  12. If you are a tennis lover, then you know that Serena even with´╗┐ all her booty and booby bobbling about, is still one of the greatest tennis player in the world. She is the highest earning female in her career prize money. However, I think she is putting in the last push before she starts to wane.
    Watch out for Azarenka, though, she is up and coming star, and i think she is prettier than Sharapova and will be the next unbeatable tennis player in the world (then will you call her too a man?)

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