24 comments on “Serena Williams VS Samantha Stosur — Matchpoint — Final – US Open 2011”

  1. @larkiess Um, Serena congratulated Sam very warmly. So, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Her issue (though she was wrong) was with the umpire. And if you plan to say that she congratulated her solely as damage control, watch her 2004 Wimbledon match against Sharapova. She was gracious there too.

  2. who says anything about racism? its the fact that serena cannot lift her heavy butt to counter stosur’s topspin the reason why she finds it hard to beat stosur..

  3. I confess that I like Stosur, she keep the style all the match and the bad attitude of Serena.

  4. I’ve said this in another video, if I was an umpire I would refuse a Serena Williams match, if she gets 1 bad call against her she goes nasty, us open a few years back and then this us open.

  5. So many people calling Serena a loser and all this mess. Really? VERY dumb comments. Ok, so what she lost THIS major, but lets not forget, she has 13. If Serena never wins another match in her career, she can never be known as a loser! NEVER EVER! I’m happy for all of you haters though, It’s not very often that you get to see Serena lose lol!

  6. @sawleo maybe or maybe not we’ll never know…whats the point of this argument? all i can say is that i agree that cost of punishment were too high, giving away point when opponent have gameball

  7. @Summon256 Three bad calls is not in somebody’s head especially when those calls are so costly. Many are now believing that these calls are no longer coincidental.

  8. Great great win for Sam. She handled the whole match and that one tense situation so well. Must be a great feeling to live up to your potential after several setbacks.

  9. @4rmJapanMotherFugeXD nobody diatribe williams besides herself…its all in HER head and yours apparently too…since the beginning of her carrier…

  10. Thank you Sam Stosur for publicly thanking Serena & acknowledge what she has done for Women’s Tennis. Sam knows the size of her check is due to the William Sisters. Serena was a very gracious loser. She was genuine in congratulating Sam for the great game Sam played. Sam has some potential to win many Grand Slams. You know what’s disturbing, no other race will have to endure the racist diatribe the William Sisters endure since the very beginning of their careers. Some of you are Evil!

  11. @sapphire22011 it wasn’t match of her LIFE, believe me she can play even BETTER than that…if she played match of her life score would be something like 6:0 6:1 without any chance for an opponent to even break her serve….

  12. A few years ago two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later she called them to see if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids bedroom, the father said “get the kids and get out of the house, i’ll call the police, we don’t have clown statue” the clown was actually an escaped killer from jail. If you don’t paste this on 10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3.00 am with a chainsaw in his hand. Sorry don’t want this to happen to me.

  13. @Summon256 Stosur can win another major, I have no doubt of that. I would love to see her win the Australian Open for obvious reasons. And she has proven she can play on the clay.

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