25 comments on “Serena Williams smashes tennis racket”

  1. Some ppl here are complaining that if Serena were White, nobody would mention her race.

    Probably true… BUT… here’s the thing: Black women already have a REPUTATION for being loud and aggressive. So Serena is living up to a pre-existing reputation. Her behaviour embodies that stereotype.

    Or to put it another way: If a rottweiler attacks someone, we say its typical of that breed. If a chihuahua attacks someone, breed is irrelavant.

  2. @mssheltn1 haha yeh but theyre idiots nd thats what youtubes like, not even worth commenting mate lol

  3. @TheRealDNB Why don’t you tell these posters who keep referring to Serena as a nigger to CHILL OUT?? I haven’t said anything disrespectful, mate.

  4. Sarena is ghetto for breaking racket and what is synonymous among white people. !!!! Should we call them trailer trash

  5. @mssheltn1 You’re right! BTW she won’t ever worry about her rackets because she can buy hundreds of new ones! 🙂

  6. @Anamnesis1996 Oprah beez too fat and ugly foe me! What da hell is a physiatrist? You must have went to one of dem affirmative action ghetto schools, cus u show nuff beez spellin bad. LOL

  7. @uizababoon WTF Is ur problem with black people and tennis? Go see a physiatrist. I suggest Oprah. LOL

  8. @uizababoon Look okay I was okay with u calling Serena a She-boon, wat ever the hell that means. But those comments about “the jungle coming out of Africans” and “being violent and killing people” are unexceptable. Y dont u say it to her face, and see if u dont end up like her racket. I promise she’ll give you wat ur askin for.

  9. Dem SHE-BOONS show beez gettin mad when dem pretty white gurls kick dey fat, ugly, sweaty gorrila ass! Who made dat dress foe her, da San diego zoo? Dat jungle jus beez comin out of dem Africans, dey can’t help they selfs, dey can’t control dey selfs, dey jus loud, obnoxious, violent peoples! Dat is Y dey beez killin each other all da time, and fillin up da jails and prisons! BLACK POWDER!

  10. she destroyed all white female tennis players and will probably do it when she is 90 years old

  11. you are right she is not the first or the last …but the way she screamed …whatever she said ”i will kill you” or ”get out of here” she is a professional player not a junky but now …well she is a fking junky and not professional at all.fk her and her skills …ppl like professionals for their game but aslo for the fairplay.

  12. LOL 0:35 – 0:40 she thinks shes going to get hit by the racket so she like moves back HAHAHA

  13. so what, she is a little bit of a spoil sport but what can you do after being so successful pretty much in ur whole tennis career?

  14. Serena strings her racket awfully hard, I’ve seen her racket collapse or break strings just upon contact with the ball…I wonder if others do the same.
    String tension beyond the design limit makes the head vulnerable to severe damage on courts.

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