Serena Williams says she also feels nervousness

October 4, 2015

Serena Williams says she also feels nervousness like anyone else, but, with the experience that she has gained over the years, she has now got the idea how to keep the emotions in check and focus on the job in hand.

Serena appears to be pretty calm whenever she is on the court and people reckon it’s one of her qualities which has helped her win so many games and titles, but, as per the veteran herself, she actually does not happen to be as calm as it, maybe, looks from outside. She battles with her own jitters.

Speaking to an American news network recently, Serena said, “I think you must see me practicing once. I don’t think I am that calm and relaxed. Of course, when you spend this much of time playing on the tour, you learn a lot of things one of which is how to carry yourself on and off the court. So, I don’t express myself that much during games. But, the nervousness is always there.”

Serena has the opportunity to achieve something very special in the coming weeks. If she wins the US open that is approaching, she will get into the elite club of some of the greats of the game who have won all the four slams in a particular season.

There have only been three female players in the history of the game who have done that to date, the latest one of which was Steffi Graf.

Serena actually is the title holder of every Grand Slam at the moment. She clinched US Open the previous season and then, in the ongoing season, she has won the Australian Open, the French Open and the Wimbledon.

But, to complete the ‘Season Slam’, she will have to defend her title at the Flushing Meadows this time around.