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  1. @federerfreak4 Actually in this same interview for the full interview Federer said they took a vote a few years back on whether the players wanted a 3 set or 5 set final match, and Federer actually wanted it to be 5 sets, but all the other players wanted 3 sets so they converted to that.

  2. even though i LOVE federer, i would say that federer had an easier chance than lendl and sampras cause now a days you have to win 2 sets instead of 3 but still roger I LOVE YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS!! :D

  3. Fed is my favourite player but I’m simply putting the record straight. When people try to compare Murray and Federer, it does annoy me, particularly when their not in the same league. I don’t have a love for Henman but neither do I dislike him. He’s a quiet, unassuming guy who had a decent career.

  4. Yeah, he was injured against Berdych. Sure, running around like a rabbit for 3 hours and 23 minutes. After the loss, the “injury” story came out. In the O2, “injured” yet again. How is it that a 30 year old man who is a father wins the O2? What is it with this younger generation always being “injured”? Whenever I see Murray play, there’s never a time in the match where, if he’s losing, he’s not clutching at either his knee, hip, back or another part of his anatomy.

  5. No, he made no excuses. Simply said that his “groin was hurting” (no medical explanation) and promptly pulled out, leaving no one in any doubt as to why he pulled out i.e. because he was “injured” Even Marcus Buckland on Sky Sports hinted at Murray’s apparent search for excuses when put in a situation where the pressure is really on.

  6. @NorthCountryBoy43

    As far as I’m aware, Djokovic and Murray played in Paris, so did Berdych and Tsonga, all Top 7 players. While we’re at it, what Top 7 players were present in Bangkok? Nadal was the only Top 7 player in Tokyo and in Shanghai neither Djokovic or Federer played and Nadal lost early.

  7. @NorthCountryBoy43

    Win all 4 next year? Ok, if you say so 😉

    He has a good 5 years left, true. Let’s see if he will get 16 slams, 6 YECs, 18 Masters, 70 titles and break the records Federer has set. I’ve just GOT to see that.

  8. Murray was NOT the only man to reach the semis of all the majors this year or better. So did Djokovic. And BTW, Federer reached the FINALS of all four in ’06, ’07 & ’09, winning 3 in ’06 and ’07 and two in ’09. So sure, it’s a personal record for Murray but isn’t a world record.
    Pulling out of the O2 to ‘prepare’ for the AO is a lame excuse. He is “at home” after all and has a responsibility to the fans to give it his best, not pull out because he lost to Ferrer.

  9. @NorthCountryBoy43

    Comparing Federer and Murray is comparing apples and oranges. Murray has won a grand total of…..wait for it…..ZERO slams and he’ll be 25 next May. Slams are the only things that count in tennis. By the same age, Federer had won 6 slams and 2 end of year championships. H2H is not the be all and end all. Davydenko has a winning H2H with Nadal, therefore he must be better, right?

  10. @NorthCountryBoy43

    That’s their problem. It’s not his fault that Nadal is falling apart and that Djokovic is not 100%. As for Murray, he’s ALWAYS injured when he loses. Nothing new there.

  11. @NorthCountryBoy43: But WHY do all the rest keep finding themselves injured while Federer just seems to coast through the years without seriously hurting himself? Just watch him. He seems to fend off the ball like an attacking animal rather than hurling himself all over it. He doesn’t wrench his body to pieces on court. He retains posture. He has secured 16 Grands and 54 other titles without appearing to overstretch himself. That’s what makes him so special.

  12. Champions of Champions. Roger makes tennis beautiful. It’s his genuine passion that pushes him to such greatness. His break in the first set was pure artistry.

  13. @ASAMOAH24 good to see you back lol he never left??? lol he didnt even have a bad season 64-12 record 84% thats still good most players would love to have a season like that 5.7million prize money.

  14. @TheSkyxander I have to disagree, there’s no ‘new Federer’. His humility hasn’t been absent before. He’s always been hungry to get to #1, results don’t influence that. He’s not the underdog and maybe never will, unless he plays his latter career far outside of the top 10. I wish to agree on the resurgence back to #1, but he’ll have to be consistent for at least 6 months in a row, right now he’s playing on the surface he can really dominate on. He can dominate anywhere, but it won’t be as easy.

  15. And Roger has always stated he worked so hard, for so many years to break through and reach that level of success that he actually relishes being the ‘favorite’ going into a season or tournament. Because for him it’s a reflection of all that work having paid off. And he genuinely appreciates it. Not one to shy away from the competition. He thrives on it.

  16. Think it’s nonsense when it’s suggested that Roger has somehow been arrogant or lacking in humility. B.S. It’s simply that he, unlike some of his peers, remains honest, guileless and does not suffer false modesty. Thank goodness for that. Which partly explain his being ranked only second to Mandela in a “most respected personality” poll. Nuff said.

  17. I like the new Roger Federer. There is a humility present that was absent before. I am coming to believe that he may have a resurgence back to #1. He is hungry for it. He loves being the underdog. Go FED!

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