25 comments on “Roger FEDERER vs Bernard TOMIC Highlights — Davis Cup 2011 [HD]”

  1. I hate all these Federer nazi’s… I don’t understand what all the hype is about this guy. I mean yeah hes got awesome game, yeah his strokes are the most graceful you’ll ever witness, yes hes the most elegant player out there… god dam it FINE federer is awesome… truly an inspiration.

  2. Hi nice vid, just getting the word out for Tennisbook, a social network for the Australian Tennis community. hope you like it , its like nothing ever seen before in Australia.

  3. @rohitennis7 I agree. I think he has the physical side. However he has to work on his mental is longer matches.

  4. “time to put the kettle on we are going to 4.” haha guess you gotta understand Australian culture to get that

  5. @FederersL1ama he def tanked the wimbledon and us open matches when 2 sets to love up. just study his demeanor at the BEGINNIG of the third sets of BOTH of those matches.

  6. @FederersL1ama well said, ur definitely right about the anticipation factor. but look at 3:34 kinda reminds you of the good old days, huh? and i think his two match points at the open were just bad luck, djokovic is having a hell of a season, but he slapped on lucky return and a would-be winner of fed’s clipped the tape

  7. @FederersL1ama … is going to be giving up 2 match points on his own serve in a US Open semi and losing twice in one year in Slams from 2 sets to 0 up. =D

  8. @rohitennis7 Yeh but when you are no. 3/4 in the world it goes without saying that he’s clearly not a mug and a useless tennis player. He’s still freaking good, but no doubt he’s lost a step He’s lost his passes somewhat, he appears to have lost a little bit of stamina, and he can’t hug the baseline and explode left, right as he used to — he now has to anticipate earlier and as such gets wrong-footed more regularly. Mentally, he certainly also isn’t at his old levels, as I doubt no Peakerer…

  9. @FederersL1ama ok let me rephrase. i don’t think he has lost as HUGE a step as everyone thinks. just watching how fast he still transitions to the net and runs down balls is evidence . in all of his significant losses this year, i think he checked out mentally (wimbledon QFs, us open 3rd 4th set). before he cud rely on his raw talent to get thru matches, but now he needs to be able to grit out tough matches against younger opponents.

  10. federer does not look like hes lost a step physically. i think its all mental with him from here on out

  11. @TsunetaroMoriyama Kinda makes sense. Tomic’s best surface is grass and Waw ain’t so hot on it, and also Hewitt’s last victory over Federer came on grass at Halle in 2010.

  12. wait so australia is allowed to pick the surface of this, and they pick fed’s best surface…

  13. @TheYu87 It’s just his style of play. He has a very attacking game in general, so when he is on the offence he takes the ball very early and paints the lines, and when he is on a defence he uses slice a lot. Here in particular courts are very fast and balls bounce very low, so as you can probably tell there is just not enough time to get under the ball, especially with a one handed backhand. Therefore Rog hits a slice, to put the ball deeper into opponents baseline, and than explode on the fhnd

  14. @slerk9 Ghosting artifacts and interlacing issues, probably: had to convert this 60fps footage to 30fps as youtube responds very badly to 60.

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