25 comments on “Roger Federer – Top 10 ridiculous Improvisations (HD)”

  1. I must honestly say I’ve never been a Roger fan, but now looking back at
    his impact on the game, and the LEVEL of play he’s known to play at just
    makes me think…”God, what have I missed out on?”

  2. Maybe we cannot see the ball all the time, but still we can all see
    probably the most talented tennis player who has ever played tennis. And
    this comes from No1e’s No1 fan on YouTube and further! Not saying that the
    other players are not super talented, but this guy is such a natural!

  3. Disgusting overhyped arrogant shit! Fuck him! G.o.a.t my ass pfff! He may
    be an ugly goat but definitely not the G.o.a.t

  4. You can see federer that should be enough. anyways most of the points are
    in okay quality.

  5. It goes in and out of sight. It’s really annoying. The whole thing is
    blurry and generally poor quality.

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