13 comments on “Roger Federer tennis greatest”

  1. federer played 3 perfect matches in us open 2009
    vs robredo, vs soderling and vs djokovic.
    tho u have to give soderling credit that made this match really tough and probleby the closest 2 sets in the tournament.
    the final? federer play really poorly. amazing that he could take 2 sets!

  2. nadal do that , when the ball was falling , and the ball was more slower than that , i really think that its a hard trick to do , but this was a soderling forehand !

  3. the way rafa does it is much simpler and pretty much any top player, even club players can do it. the way fed did it is much more impressive and difficult to execute.

  4. though i am a fedex fan . but nadal also did the trick twice …. its on youtube search for it

  5. Amazing!! he actually stops the ball dead with sheer racket-head control, then in the same motion catches it in his left hand. I don’t think I have ever seen this done by anyone before. . . Genius indeed!!

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