25 comments on “Roger Federer pranks his coach by hitting tennis balls into his Mercedes”

  1. I’d like to be a pro tennis player, can anyone give me any advice? Its looks a cool lifestyle really. Im 28, can i still play por after 30?

  2. @tenniscrazy813 im a tennisplayer dumbfuck i know what backspin is. this was an add for mercedes he was filming, cant you see how proffesionall the filming is from these so called tourists who just swing by with a camera, it was filmed with a 16 mm moviecamera from a media company in dubai, and the balls when he hits them in at the end is computer animated to make them look like there going in, FUCK OFF

  3. it sounded like “did HE see that”. was he asking if his coach saw it or the camera man. and this seems stunted. why is there like no one here if federer is practicing

  4. @mappingtheshit i think ur parents are fake and ur gay
    ur parents made a huge mistake for giving a birth to a fag like u
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  5. @DenisTheMennace and xXTheSalaXx

    guys calm down it doesnt matter if it was fake. Its still pretty funny and thats y we all watched it.

  6. fake!!! this is a mersedes and wilson commercial
    whoever believes this bullshit is just a loser that eats what media feeds to you

  7. anyone who thinks this is real and can not see how computer-made the trajectory on the first ball is, is an idiot.

  8. no retard. the trajectory on the first ball into the roof of the car is computer-made, pure genius….

  9. Roger is true class. Roger champion 04-07, 2010, soon 2011. Sickness, mono, disease, cancer, hepatitis, liver failure, slump in 2008, 2010.

  10. hahah i like how laid back roger can really be, have you guys seen the latest video he posted on his website? “/watch?v=X1SKmtseRPE” guy is really turning into a prankster the older he gets haha

  11. @marbledmeat its called backspin. it makes the ball fly differently. pure genius

  12. @NeilThePinoy yeh i know it’s two different shots,1st one is deff. fake but not sure about second,cuz angle of the ball wasnt from camera guy D:

  13. @ramendell Those are 2 different shots, if you listen and hear their reactions both times its different. Its not fake trust me 😀 0:45 says wwoooowww and 1:02 says yaahaahooo.

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