25 comments on “Roger Federer – Best Points @ Wimbledon ’12 – (HQ)”

  1. yeah they became weak. Right after federer wooped all their asses and sent them back home crying

  2. Djokovic is reaching his peak which will last a few years…Federer over 300 weeks at number 1 and almost 10 years at the top of the game with his 17 grand slams. Federer at his prime age would destroy Djokovic easily, He lacks the style and the class of Federer…..Djokovic is like a bull out of a china shop.

  3. Hey guys, I tried to find the song playing in the video of Federer’s partnership with Moet & Chandon. But I couldn’t find it so I sampled parts of the video to make a full length song out of it. Watch it at /watch?v=WCcn9JIaYQo. And please watch my other videos on my channel (Mylantaoh).

  4. lol,,
    fuck garbagovic,,
    he may be edging ahead a bit right now, after the KING ROGER has turned 31, but the fact of the matter is that the serbian faggotovic will NEVER EVER achieve what the greatest of all time the master, ROGER has,,
    if anyone is against what I said, they’re either morons or just don’t know shiiit about tennis,,

  5. Call me when Djokovic wins 17 Grand Slams and holds the number one position for 300 weeks;)

  6. Guys like Roddick and Hewit aren’t talented enough to win many Slams. Safin was just a lazy cunt, but if he played his best he was beating RF – AO2005semis , for example put in Fed era guy like Boris Becker and there would be for sure less 4-5 Slams for Roger and if prime Djoko and Rafa played in the weak era there wouldn’t be more than 6-7 Slams for Fed . I respect Fed , but that is just the reality

  7. A weak era my ass. He’s still beating Djokovic and Nadal into his 30’s when they are at their prime. I doubt they’d have any wins over him if the reverse were true. He’s the main reason Roddick, Hewitt, and Safin don’t have more titles.

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