Rod Laver happy with Laver Cup Recruitment

October 29, 2017

Rod Laver reckons it’s an absolute privilege for him that a world level tournament like Laver Cup has been given his name, but it would have been icing on cake if he had been able to participate in it.

The format of Laver Cup has been designed pretty much like the format of Ryder Cup which is a Golf tournament and has been quite successful over the years. .

However the only difference between the two tournaments is that in the Ryder Cup, Europe takes on America, while, in the Laver Cup, Europe will take on the rest of the world.

And the opening edition of the Laver Cup is likely to be successful because the organizing committee has managed to sign almost all the big names on the tour,

The tournament may actually give the fans the opportunity to witness a doubles pair of Nadal and Federer which they would never have thought they would get to witness.

However that is if the skipper of the European side decides to put those two together on the court for the doubles matches. That remains an exciting possibility ahead of the tournament.

As per Rod Laver, the reason why he says he regrets not being able to participate in Laver Cup is because he has always liked the team tournaments.

The team tournaments that he participated in during the early stages of his career helped him grow as a player.

Team tournaments are always so much beneficial for youngsters just because they have the top players around them during such tournaments and they see how those top players go about the game and take a lot from that.

It happens rarely in tennis because it’s an individual sport. But he always likes the concept of a team tournament and that’s why he feels really pleased about the organization of Laver Cup.