Rafael Nadal throws Andy Murray out of French Open final

July 2, 2014

On Friday as the blazing sun shone all over the court, Rafael Nadal literally crushed Andy Murray and grabbed his spot in the finale of the French Open 2014. In order to bag the title trophy, Nadal has to face off and win the battle against Novak Djokovic and stay in his rank of No. 1, and this is definitely something he deserves.

The Spanish ace was so stunning on the court that the scoreline was of 6-3, 6-2, 6-1. This score wasn’t only a huge embarrassment for Murray, but also Nadal commented that if she went ahead for the fourth set, the symmetry in the score would have continued all the way to 6-0. The match went ahead for one hour and forty minutes post which Murray was out of the semi finals, almost ridiculously. This match by far was Murray’s worst defeat in grand slam.

Commenting on the match and how his experience was to take on Nadal, Murray commented that this match was definitely the worst one he had played against Nadal. He further went on saying that he was much disappointed with how the match went and he didn’t give himself a chance on court. He wasn’t able to make the game at all hard for Nadal, who easily defeated him set after set. Although it’s difficult to control what goes on in the game completely however he would like a few days off to think about how he messed the game up.

He could have finished the game much quicker in tad too many sets this week, and he has absolutely no one to blame but him for this mess. Post his surgery he played a lot in the past couple of weeks and going on the grass might just help him.