25 comments on “Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play tennis on water in Doha”

  1. i really admire the fact that these 2 r top 2 in tennis world, and their
    friendship is amazzingg.. thats sport! unfort footaball is the opposite
    these days, unlike before with for example zidane and Buffon and etcc

  2. Pour Roger Federer (n°4), cette défaite en huitièmes de finale ce 1er juin
    2014 est synonyme de deux “premières”: il s’agit en effet de la première
    fois que le Suisse perd un match en cinq sets à Roland-Garros (face à
    Ernests Gulbis) et, c’est aussi la première fois depuis 2004 qu’il
    disparaît avant les quarts de finale à la Porte-d’Auteuil – (Paris France)

  3. waste stupid idea…. how much of mony they have been waste for this
    game… if can play properly no matter but totaly waste for ths bulshit…
    qatar hve got lots of money for waste for rich ppl… just look at ppl
    starving for food in poor contry…

  4. @MrCoolorhot fuck off. So because someone has money they should just hand
    it out? Have some sodding pride, you leech.

  5. @creakylol …so sad about you …. you poor then poor ppl who starving for
    food… you have my sympothy on you…. so sad…..

  6. They look like they are forced to go up there and play tennis on water,
    which looks ridiculous. Its sad to see the kind of publicity they are to
    achieve, if not only for money.

  7. @MrCoolorhot No one cares about your Indian views. This aint India. So,
    keep your Indian views to yourself and Don’t reply to this post. No one’s
    asking asking for your stinky Indian opinion. Get the stink off of this

  8. @MrCoolorhot you’ve got piss poor English, and you don’t know what you’re
    talking about , so go back to ur crap country and mind ur own business,
    because ur just another mindless moron who can’t keep his mouth shut.

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