25 comments on “Novak Djokovic Interview after beating Rafael Nadal (Wimbledon 2011 Final)”

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  2. @ivanmrkvc7 Hey, Djokovic is really great. congrats. But, Djokovic family insults Roger Federer. They said. “king is died ” When Roger Federer was sickness slump.
    Roger Federer defeated at Djokovic in AO or IW, etc. and what Roger did say. “The play of Novak was better then me. I’m not tired and my feelings are also good. I am healthy..” He was very humble comment. and all gave credits to Novak. And,Now. He said to Djokovic’s No,1. ” this is good for tennis”

  3. I still have trouble believing his dramatic turnaround was based ,in part, because he stopped eating banannas. When Nadal beat him for the U.S Open in 2010, he had a 16-7 winning streak against him. He had beaten Novak in every slam meeting. Djokovic had wilted dramatically in several retiring without injury. I hope his new success is from giving up banannas and not consuming Lance Armstrongs’ juice’.

  4. I have nadals racket

    oh yeah and i`ve done a review on it so…….

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    or novak will throw a racket at you

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  5. @ariaaspromised Yes! ….and Tsonga has come back and beat Federer before in the past. It’s a tough psychological hurdle to clear. Perhaps that was going through Federer’s head… and spurring Tsonga on.

  6. @ariaaspromised why dont you read your own comment?

    “by next year, things will go back to normal. nole just got lucky in this year”

    yeah i too am over with this discussion.let’s see what happens next in the hard court season.

    wish you a wonderful day.

  7. @ariaaspromised you two better form a club of desparate fanboys.Fact is if Rafa ever wants to come back he needs to change his game.His game is simply too transparent for Djokovic.Nobody just gets “lucky” like that.lets leave it here and wait and see what happens.nobody said that he has already proved himself like they had but,his game is up to the task at the moment.the only question is if he can keep consistently.here you are right but you wrong about him being just “lucky”.

  8. @Ryan81M Admiting what ? that he can buy your cheap whore mom ?
    You must be a former fan of Fedduder , that’s why you’re spreading this bullshit . Because of the beatdowns your hero suffered from Rafa , right ?

  9. @ibanezatleti

    Sure you would. You just don’t want to give Rafa the satisfaction of admitting it, right?

  10. @Ryan81M nah , I won’t eat it actually . Just wanted to let you remember who Rafa is , overall . He’s got more money than you’ll ever have you troll , he can buy you and your whole family with a very very cheap price . Keep that in your mind you crackhead .

  11. @ibanezatleti

    The same shit you would probably eat if it was served to you.

    Now, stop addressing me you stupid Swedish fuckbag.

  12. @ThePoisonedApple2 exactly! nadal and federer will always be tennis. nole has a lot more to prove before he can join their ranks. and why do they even need to bring out the 5 times in a row thing? a lot of players have had that streak of losing constantly to the same person! but it’s all just a phase. heck even federer has had that kind of streak to a player other than nadal! but the thing is, by next year, things will go back to normal. nole just got lucky in this year. wait til next time!

  13. ds game is the hottest topic in tennis right now…bt believe me,ds aint the last time they’ll meet in a grand slam finals.ds game wud come down as one of the many great finals ds two great players played against each other.both in dr primes,both driven hard players!gimme’ more!

  14. @Ryan81M you’re so ignorant and dumb . He got tested like any other player , he’s a tennis legend and even his shit is far more expensive than you and your whole family if you got sold.

  15. @ThePoisonedApple2 I’m very capable of presenting arguments, but just don’t wanna bother with sad troll who has no life. Do world a favor and go back to that cave you crawl from.

  16. @ThePoisonedApple2 as you surely know tennis has alot to do with confidence.lets be honest.how many times did Djokovic lose against these two because of confidence?maybe a million times?as i said man up or lose you rank.thats tennis.but we will see how things develop. i believe that you are a blind fanboy who will never accept it.even if he wins US open and defends his titles next year,you’ll still bang that “top form ” drum.

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