Murray to drop Amelia Mauresmo as his Coach

December 9, 2014

Amelie Mauresmo took a lot of criticism for the deterioration in Andy Murray’s game when she took over as the coach of the Scot player first up.

Many experts said that Murray was going nowhere under the guidance of the Frenchwoman and he should waste no time at all in getting rid of her.

Murray, however, kept his trust intact on Mauresmo and that is paying off now. His game is back on track and he is very close to qualifying for the tour finals.

Mauresmo is a lot different from Ivan Lendl, the man alongside whom Murray worked until the last season.

Lendl was somebody who used to strategize things for Murray. He would impose his thinking on the player.

Mauresmo is not like that. She is very calm and always likes to remain behind the scenes.

Speaking in a programme about her coaching style the other day, Mauresmo said, “You should not try to be a dictator, that’s very important. You have to make things easy for the guy. You can guide him.  But, you cannot force him to play in a certain way.”

“The player should be the main man all the time because he is the one who has to control things out there in the middle. It’s him who has to decide what style he is comfortable with.”

“Coaching somebody of Andy’s potential, it has been a great experience for me, something that I have really enjoyed. A top player always comes to you with difficult queries. It’s your job as a coach to give him the solution.”

“I know the expectations are going to be bigger next season and thus, the pressure will be there as well, but, it’s all about getting yourself prepared. If you are ready both mentally and physically, you will do well most of the time.”