25 comments on “Maria Sharapova Vs. Serena Williams – Stanford 2011 Quarter Final Highlights”

  1. still love to see Serena Williams ask maria why she cums with every hit… must be that big racket in her hand.

  2. im a fan of maria’s ,but im kinda tired of everyone putting an exclaimer on her return from surgery …it was almost three years ago …and she is “still tryin to find her game”
    @some point we need to look at the other things that has caused her decline …as of recent….for one the toss is way too high ,and now she does a weird very short pause just as she goes into the throphy pose..any case ide love for her to capture her form from 2004-2006 …… womens tennis needs her..(no hater)

  3. Very true, well said, Maria is really a very good player. If she didn’t suffer that awful shoulder injury she would probably have more grand slams. But that serve is the key to her game, its the key to everyone’s game. And when you have a great player like Sharapova struggle on serving its not gonna be pretty. If you take Serena Williams serve away she would most likely have big issues in every match. But for Sharapova she made the finals of Wimbledon and she can only improve right?

  4. Serena the beeeeeeeeest!!!!! I love you more and more everytime you def. Screampovaaaaaaa!!!!! Well donde Serenaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  5. @5000futuristic yeah…Maria is good but she needs also to work on her ball placements, which I think may let her stay in the game for a long time…..she can reduce injuries to her pretty shoulders too…any way she’s still young…she still can work wonders…Chris Evert did it too (I mean improve her game and training regimen) when Martina Navratilova started to dominate the game as a pioneer in aggressive and power tennis…nothing is different…she can improve a lot better..

  6. @dandy06100 i immensely respect Sharapova Maria and i disagree wih those who unfairly criticize her, i really do but that’s not on a par with those who call Serena racist names.if somebody is trolling buddy, just ignore them as i ignore her haters. let them be ignorant, you can’t convince someone on the internet.

  7. I’m happy to see the Serena come back! kick
    their asses Serena!!! from Senegal

  8. @kevin12061989 Thks 4 agreeing w/me. After reading d people’s comments here, it is obvious that they r(including you) Serena’s fans. However, d bashing of Maria here is unacceptable. Yes, Maria lost for reasons only, she, herself know. She can play her best at times & then play weak d next time. Seeing how badly you’ve all trash Maria makes me wish that Maria beats Serena 1 day. It can happen most definitely! Again, comments here could have been written in a way favorable both to Serena & Maria.

  9. Exactly, her clay court movement is awful just as Serena’s. They both move like cows on ice when they play the clay. Serena was just a power hitter to, but she noticed that wouldnt work forever. So she says hey lets throw in a kick serve, and add more spin and placement on the second, which the commentators always talk about. Now, she trys to move quicker and add the slice while putting placement on each shot. Maria is just regrouping, and is just trying to muscle the competition, not gonna work

  10. Don’t like Sharapova but i SINCERELY hope she improves her game, it’s just so one dimensional, kind of Vee’s these days, the game needs her at her best

  11. @dandy06100 Agree both are good and exceptional tennis players but this guy @Jayz0288 makes you think he’s without any blame, he’s the one who started calling people and Serena names here so people just counter attacked and then he removed his comments to make you think he’s harmless

  12. @5000futuristic If sharapova do not work harder on her game, she may have more injuries due to power hitters for now!!!

  13. @Jayz0288 See, you’re a coward. Just look how many comments you’ve removed.

  14. commentators need to realize the match isnt over till they say game set and match..

  15. Here’s how I would describe Serena & Maria: Serena, the powerful, spectacular tennis player! & Maria, the glamorous & alluring tennis player!! I cannot imagine tennis without these two very talented women. They have to be highly respected for what they have brought to the tennis world! I sincerely hope they will continue to play for as long as their bodies & endurances will allow them! More power to Serena & Maria!

  16. I agree with Jayz0288 when he said, Serena has already won, then why is everybody gloating & thrashing Maria. Really, where is the decency here? Are the fans of Serena Williams a bunch of uneducated winos?

  17. Yupp, Serena has definitely added more to her game, such as the slice and her amazing serve. Sharapova just getting better from that shoulder injury is trying to blast people off the court which is not gonna work in this era of tennis, because players are blasting right back. I think Serena has found her game and has shaken off the rust

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