25 comments on “How to Hit a Serve – Taking a Lesson from Serena Williams”

  1. yeah hip is the key to move the body in the right positon…. gonna try
    that next time

  2. Nót suppose to use athletes as example in coaching , as in squash playerz
    have developed their own technique and can play that tiny bit unorthodox
    Learning the basic serve before u learn to serve like Serena neveruse them
    as example , Just because the pros do it doesnt mean Its right for us learn

  3. 1st you’re not Serena Wiliams, 2nd who the hell are you? what is your world
    ranking? how can you come here and say that the basic serve technic that is
    taught all over the world and has produced amazing servers that made it
    top 10 in the world is rubish compared to your’s? Serena is Serena there
    is no one like her and she is the only one who can deffend her serve
    because she made it, however i’m sure that she was taught when giving her
    first steps in the sport, the right way to serve. If you’re trying to teach
    you should realy teach the proper technic and let people develop their own,
    after they have learnt how to master the right technic.

  4. We didn’t see where the balls went though. 😉 Great video, can’t wait to
    do it as easily as this.

  5. Would be good to see how feet are suppose to land post serve. Pro’s always
    seem to land on their left foot. That feels so uncomfortable!

  6. Face it, Man … u got caught out fair and square claiming only 2 were
    misled = THAT is the “honest thing”, as you call it 😉 And, again, even
    here you have put your mouthing off ‘foot in it’!! I am not “girl” You must
    live your life embarrassing yourself 😉 So I won’t embarrass u any further

  7. Dude, the ball is already long gone by then. The acceleration needs to
    occur during the last part of the racket movement when the forearm rotates
    the racket into the ball. After that, it is all deceleration.

  8. Good video! Clear instructions from a very personable, engaging presenter.
    Like it!

  9. My coach said that if you stretch out your side when serving it will over
    kill the serve. What is your opinion on the ball going to far?

  10. Hi! What I’m trying to get at is the concept of tossing so it’s possible
    for you to push up with your legs and make contact at the very top of the
    toss (before it starts dropping). If your toss is too high, it makes it
    more difficult to time your contact. If it’s too low, it’s easy to collapse
    down on the ball instead of exploding upwards. Just make sure you are
    feeling that good stretch in your non-dominant side as you toss. Thanks for

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