15 comments on “[HD] Serena Williams vs Li Na 2014 Sony Open Tennis Finals Highlights & Ceremony”

  1. Li basically choked again;
    when you are up against Serena, it is a perfect time to STEP IT UP and take
    extra risks, finishing points asap and taking her by surprise.
    As usual, Li did just the opposite, starting to play more carefully…

  2. I think Li can take Serena out if she can take the risks and go for her
    shots just like she did in the Australian Open semi final. 

  3. height makes the difference too, especially when the other player is just
    as good as you are or better.

  4. Oh great its time to watch Serena (like playing a man) Williams again.
    Looks like those thighs are even fatter! I mean at least you used to be
    able to see a space between her legs from the rear camera shots, no more!
    Is she really a tranny or is it steroids? all I know is, when you look at
    the other women players and then her, you’re like “what the hell is up with
    that”, where does she maintain those tree trunks, I mean legs! at
    Gold`s gym in Venice, Ca. And her back looks like she could be a defensive
    lineman for the Steeler`s. But worse then all of that is the tennis
    commentators in the booth, (except Mac, he`s the only one with balls to
    speak his mind) thank goodness they show them once in a while or you would
    think it`s all men talking! Do you think they could kiss the Williams
    sisters asses anymore! What a slobbering love affair! when they are doing
    good its the amazing, legendary almighty sisters and when they play bad its
    one excuse after another, headaches, tired, immune disease (really!) bad
    day, ect… And what was up with that Wimbledon doubles bullshit? flu my
    ass ,Serena looked high. Sorry but she`s predictable, as soon as she`s in a
    big match and she starts losing, she conveniently has an injury or feels
    ill, and it`s usually in the peak of her opponents play. If I want to watch
    the men play, I`ll watch the men play Jack!

  5. lina play good here, Serena’s just on her game, she’s tough to beat when
    she’s on her game. Her volley is too powerful.

  6. Any girl to beat Serena, she has to to avoid volleying with her, cause
    Serena’s volley’s too powerful.

  7. Serena Williams is magnificentlt highly-skilled! And Serena Williams has
    the Most Womanly figure on the women’s tour. Good to see a REAL woman who
    is such an amazingly great athlete. Our artists make manifest what we human
    beings intuit at the cellular level: The Strongest Woman Is The Most
    WOMANLY Woman. Artists always depicr,t Female Superheroes with CURVES!
    Goooo, Serena, Gooooo!

  8. Heartiest Congrats, Serena! You’ve now won more prestigious Sony Open
    titles than anyone else in History! “Seven-time Sony Open Champion,”even
    Sounds good.- rolling trippingly off the tongue! lol and applauding.

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