24 comments on “(HD) Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Monte Carlo 2012 FINAL – FULL MATCH”

  1. It is too frustrating! I like Nadal but watching him scratching his nose and ass EVERY freaking time isn’t really so much fun!

  2. hilarious, a friend pointed out , before rafa serves, he picks his bum, sniffs his fingers, and bounces the ball. WATCH

  3. Djokovic is getting eaten alive on the bad calls man and he knows those inbred westerners are out to get him by the end of the first set

  4. 5:10

    Who knows, it’s monte Carlo, home of all
    The idle rich freaks and weirdos of Europe…

    There’s no
    Telling with that kind of crazy!!!

  5. This proves that
    Clay needs to be banned
    The ATP,

    But then Rafael
    Wouldn’t have nearly the record he has

  6. TennisVideosNetwork,will you be uploading Roland Garros 2012 full match soon? thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you so much uploader. I never saw this match.Its all because of you I managed to see this.

  8. NAPUSITE VI SE SVI NOLETU ON JE No1 PA GOVORITE DA JE nadal bolji!!!!!!!!jebo vas nadal usrani samo brise supak…..

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