Hard to Control Emotions

July 24, 2012

The British tennis star, Andy Murray, has said that it was very hard to control the emotions after losing the Wimbledon final. The 25 year old tennis sensation cried a lot while addressing the people after the match. First of all, he gave congratulations to the great Roger Federer. Federer won the 7th singles title at Wimbledon, which is a record. He said the winning a singles title at Wimbledon is very hard and if you are playing in Federer’s era, it gets even harder.

Andy Murray belongs to Dunblane, which is a place in Scotland. He gave some consistent performances in the last few years but, he is not able to win a Grand Slam yet. He is currently positioned at no. 4 in the official rankings of World Tennis Association (WTA). But, unfortunately, he is playing in an era which is dominated by three legends of tennis i.e. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Murray said that playing against Federer is very difficult. As per Murray, he made a good start by winning the first set. But, once Federer got into the groove, it was almost impossible to stop him.

When Murray was in tears after the match, many British supporters were also crying with him. The British people had massive hopes with Murray in the Wimbledon Championship of this year. He said that people of Britain gave him enormous support and due to their support, it became very easy for him to perform well. He said that he is gutted and it would take him some time to get rid of this disappointment. However, he said that, he would try again and again and hopefully, would win a Grand Slam pretty soon. The words of Andy Murray were so sentimental that his fans have started respecting him a lot more than before.