Djokovic Gettting Stronger

June 23, 2016

Things improved for Novak Djokovic when he accepted that it was a good chance to be a part of the era of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The player won his French Open title on 5th June, although he was behind the Spaniard and Swiss in terms of top titles.

However, Djokovic well managed the show and achieved things that the other two players have yet not achieved. Djokovic held all grand slams at one go unlike other players. The Serbian player, Novak Djokovic achieved all his 12 majors in the Australian Open in 2008 when Nadal, who was 22 years old, had already achieved 3 titles of Roland Garros. Also, Federer, who was 26 years, then claimed his 17 grand slams record.

Djokovic said that he was not happy to be a part of their era, but he realized that things happened for specific reasons. He said that with a smile on his face after he defeated Andy Murray in the final match of Roland Garros.

With a positive mind, he said that he was finally getting to grips with the factors impacting on performance. He has had a chance to learn and grow. In order to get strong and recognized as one of the leading players, it was necessary to compete with these famous players and things took a positive shape from them.

His rivalries in the Big 4 have made him indeed the best player and tennis has obviously become a better sport for Djokovic. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and of course Andy Murray are the competitors who have a bigger role to play in helping Djokovic become the best player.

They have helped him achieve his victory to a great extent. Now the Serbian player can focus on a Grand Slam that was last won by Laver in 1969. He is optimistic now and feels that nothing is unachievable. Currently, the player is enjoying his trophy winning experience.