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  1. It is not Djokovics job to call the points. So he is not a cheat. The
    umpire, however, is clearly competent and shouldn’t be hired for a high
    level event again.

  2. Djokobitch should have just been honest and conceded the point (considering
    he did cheat), or at least asked for a let to be played.

    Every player knows about Murray’s dodgy temperament. I think Djokovic
    though, this will rile him up, so kept his mouth shut.

    The umpire made a bad call but if Djokovic had been any kind of an honest
    sportsman he should have spoken up.

  3. the umpire made a mistake but seriously… we all know that djokovic was
    going to win the point 

  4. I feel sooooo sorry for Andy Murray! It reminds me of when I got in an
    accident and this girl/woman pulled out in front of me. Cops were there
    already and the first cop says to me: “You OK? It was all her fault”. Three
    minutes later Mr Sergeant comes up to me and accuses me of drunk driving, I
    breathe in his face to prove that I didn’t have a drop of booze all night,
    then he proceeds to tell me it was MY FAULT because I was driving with my
    LIGHTS OFF!! Now, this accident happened in front of a DENNY’S
    RESTAURANT!!! The street was totally lit up!! There was a gas station and a
    Wendy’s Restaurant across the street!! Anyways, the first cop comes up to
    me, gives me a ticket and says: “My Sergeant says you were driving with
    your lights off”. The look on his face said that he knew “Sarge” was full
    of it. I took it to court and it was summarily dismissed. The point here
    being….EGO. That umpire just couldn’t admit THAT HE WAS WRONG. Just like
    Mr. Fatso Sarge who tried to be a “hero” to the chick that pulled out in
    front of me. What a load of BS.

  5. First Djokovic doesn’t have to say anything – in fact he might not know
    whether he made contact over the net. I think he was admitting that his
    racquet went over the net, but I don’t think he knew whether contact was
    over the net. Also, initially Murray is arguing that the racquet was over
    the net, but the umpire is right; racquet over the net in and of itself is
    not illegal, it’s contact with the ball on the other side of the net that’s
    illegal, so initially Murray is arguing the wrong point, even thought he
    (in fact) deserved the point.

    Finally, the umpire cannot legally use the replay to correct an error. They
    really shouldn’t show the replay on the big screen because it puts the
    umpire in an impossible position, but ultimately, he should just admit that
    he may have made a mistake and leave it at that. Murray should really just
    get over it, and I don’t think he lost the match because of that, and if he
    did, then shame on him for having such fragile concentration.

  6. Bit of a deviation from your usual videos eh? Couldn’t Murray challenge the
    call though? I thought you could do that in Tennis?

    Well, those are officials for you. We’ve got our fair share in Hockey
    (without the ability to challenge their calls).

  7. Sure he cheated, but come on! ”As the result he lost the whole set”?!? It
    was fucking 0-15. It wasn’t a set point. He had a lot of chances after that
    point. Still it is possible that the ball wouldn’t even make it to the
    other side of the court.

  8. i don’t follow tennis at all but this is complete bull and that official
    should be fired where he stands (well sits)

    there are camaras everywhere that prove that he’s wrong and he just dosn’t
    give a shit

  9. This is like when england got a goal in the net and it was disallowed but
    he know he will lose after Wimbledon so he tried to frustaight him

  10. Wow. I didn’t even know this happened and I’m a huge tennis fan. Djokovic
    knew he should have conceded the point–that’s sportsmanship, but when you
    can’t rely on the players to be honest, the chair umpire should have called
    it himself. CLEARLY he made contact with the ball AFTER his racket head
    had breached the net and not before like the chair was trying to say. 

  11. Maybe Djokovic should have spoken, but Murray shouldn’t have this one point
    affect the whole match. It was 0-15 after this point, still plenty of
    chances to win the game. He just went away mentally, probably because he
    knew he was going to lose anyways. And also because Murray tends to lose it
    out there more often than the other member of the top 4. You don’t lose a
    tennis match on a single bad call, particularly the first point in a game. 

  12. i watch tennis with my father every once in a while and from the yrs
    watching tennis with him i have never EVER seen that shit before,

  13. I think what happened, happened. The whole point of the matter is to make
    the right call the first time to make sure the rest of the game runs
    smoothly (mentally). The fact that the official made a bad call and just
    ran with it blows my mind and pisses me off in all honesty, and ruined the
    rest of the game for both players in a way. Djokovic should’ve stepped up
    and said what really happened to the official, but the fact that he didn’t
    speaks volumes about his character.

    P.s. I’m a HUGE tennis fan and play as well… Did not know you were into
    it BladeRunnerBlues! *High five

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