16 comments on “David Letterman – Tennis Champ, Rafael Nadal”

  1. @Chiqui46 You freakin kidding me, right? The son of a bitch can’t stop scratching his ass on every freakin point. Have you watched the US Open lately? Even the camera crew tried very hard to avoid capturing that on camera. Plus, he didn’t just do in the US Open, he did it in every match. It’s his freakin’ nature. Don’t associate class with this ugly son of a bitch. It’s unfortunate for the US Open to have two most detestable players in the final: the ass scratcher & the excessive ball bouncer.

  2. he’s very very cute and here in Spain we adore him, because he’s so down to earth!!! he’s a role model for any young kid and I hope he wins the US Open final today, but even if he doesn’t it’ll be ok, because Djokovic is as nice as Rafa. Go Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rafa is a beautiful person …..a gentleman ! He has class, style, and is very humble……he deserves all his hard work ! Shyness makes him cute !! Un español muy sencillo .

  4. I know he doesnt speak english very well but Jesus H. Christ, Letterman let him SPEAK!!!!.. Stop interrupting him dude..

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