25 comments on “Can I Be Your Tennis Ball? Parts I & II – Jamie Foxx Serenades Serena Williams (2003 & 2004 ESPYs)”

  1. From 1:27 onwards, the first song sounds like Mint Condition Breaking My Heart! Slow jam is tooo much!
    Jamie Foxx has one of the best voices ever!

  2. Wow.. Jamie Foxx is off the chain.. I don’t even remember this but wow.. Lebron was feeling it..Yessir

  3. Just saw Serena espy images on yahoo and remembered Jaime doing this. Had to watch this again and It’s still funny as hell. Serena work it girl!

  4. @123shawntae lol I think you’re a female. Im glad you didnt take offense to it. I meant it with alot of sincerity. lol

  5. Where is the ESPN records he speaks of? I haven’t found it. (I’m not being an idiot, I’m saying this song is surprisingly catchy).

  6. OMG, Serena is totally stunning. I wish Serena and Vinus you all luck, strength and patience they might need while coming up at the WTA ranking right where they belong – #1 and 2.

  7. Oh my God Serena WIlliams is FINE AS HELL.. Lord have Mercy what a perfect body. Im a white boy but I would tear that ass UUUUP! lol

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