24 comments on “Best Tennis Highlights Part 6 HQ “Rafael Nadal 2009” New Year”

  1. what is the name of the song that include “you know i want ja” lol, can someone tell me :]

    as Tyson would say “The most ferocious most ruthless champion that has ever been.”

  3. Well, I think it’s pretty impossible for Nadal too win over Federer in terms of records. Nadal’s playing style forces too much strain to his body (especially knees), and i bet theres more injuries to come. Federer on the otherside has been almost injury free in his career

  4. i miss his guns ): he hasn’t been the same since he’s been wearing those shirts.

  5. For me Nadal is the best Tennis player in the world!He is truely a very determined tennis player,there is not a point that he gives up.He really tries to take/catch every single ball/point.He is a fighter and thats why i just love to watch him play.There is nobody like Nadal.VAMOS RAFA!

  6. Conversely, the juice of youth may soon desert Nadal and so the ratio in their abilities will be 50:50. I know, i typed pack… instead of park… who cares… as long as it makes sense. AO will be awesome, can’t wait to finish my final exams.

  7. Australian Open 2009 was the best for Nadal. How can a man play 5hrs in the SFs and i think a 4hr Final. Thats insane for a human. not only a final but against Federer (Legend). Nadal I think is 21st century tennis. He’s a dominating figure. Because of him I watch tennis.

  8. Rafa’s in big trouble against Del Potro. He can’t overpower the guy in rallies, has trouble returning his serve. Much like Rafa is a bad stylistic matchup for Fed, Del Potro is the personification of how-to-beat-Rafa.

  9. For what its worth Murray won Abu Dhabi last year. Rafa looked good in patches, once he tired he was gamefully outplayed by Davydenko in the Qatar final.

  10. On a better day, Nadal would beat Del Potro. Nadal wasn’t even aiming for QFs in the US Open. But 2010. Nadal his time.

  11. 1) Training Montage – Vince Di Cola
    2) Rain – Robert Miles
    3) Calle Ocho – Pitbull
    4) Infinity Klass Remix.

  12. He won the exhibition tournament of Abu Dhabi today, i think Rafa is back!

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