25 comments on “Andy Murray vs Tsonga Cheeky Trick Shots – Queens 2011 Final”

  1. @gargantuate Out of the hundreds of Tennis players in the world, he is number 4…… Hardly mostly losing is it?

  2. Day 1: andy wins…………..
    News 1: the brit was able to win tonight at wimbledon….
    Day 2 : Andy wins………….
    News 2 : the brit has won again
    Day 3: Andy lost
    News 3 : The scot lost tonight…..
    Racist or what?

  3. @dellcamwall it was just a queens tournament!…i’m sure the only reason he did it was because he wanted to entertain the home crowd…but some people just hate Murray so much that the criticise him no matter what…first hes too boring..then when he actually does something entertaining like this people say hes too arrogant and isnt high enough rank to do this!!??…its crazy retarded logic of the Murray haters.

  4. @gaz1895….ye but fed has every reason in the world to be arrogant, he is possibly the greatest tennis player to ever pick up a racket,and he knows it, he’s allowed….murrays done nothing yet in terms of proving he’s a great, now i love my arrogant sportstars, from ronaldo totiger woods, but they have the goods to back it up…no need for murray to be doing this

  5. @gaz1895 in this case he only does it to impress, he easily could have hit it normal. Federer only does it when he almost has no other choice.

  6. i couldnt give a shit about wimbledon. not bothered if their is a english player there or not. having said that, if there was i would want him to win. but so glad the english hater is out. he is one sad, ugly, useless twat ha ha. the nearly man thats what he is.

  7. @Boxerjunaid Uh… he won Queens, actually. He just hasn’t won a Grand Slam yet. Let’s not forget that Murray is ranked 4th best player in the world, and that’s no mean feat. The reason he is famous is because us Brits always get excited when any British sportsman in any event gets into the big leagues. We’re so starved of sporting talent we grab it where we can!!

  8. @glasgow1234 No one has a choice in their nationality. You are not Scottish by choice any more than I am English by choice. Can you point me to a source where Andy has stated he would rather represent Scotland than Britain? I don’t believe Andy has any issue with being British since the one time his opinion on the subject made it into the news it turned out to be nothing more than sensationalist bullshit by the press after a JOKE between him and Tim over not supporting England in World Cup.

  9. @TheSestren He is not British by choice. Andy Murray has stated many times he would rather represent Scotland than Britain. And the point i was making is English people and English media always seem to comment on him as “British” when he is winning and refer to him as Scottish or “the Scot” when he loses.

    The point i was making is in his own personal view and in mine, Andy Murray is ALWAYS Scottish and NEVER British !

  10. @XXstilletoXX
    There is no debate. Henman and Murray at this point in time have won sod all slams. And in tennis the slams are the only thing that matters.

    Henman reached the wimbledon semis 4 times btw, Murray only 3…

  11. ha ha ha ha, smashing result. so happy the miserable bastard lost. what a wanker he is. why do the english support this english hater, tennis is shit anyway. good on yer nadal.

  12. well done nadal, great result. so glad the sad jock lost. ugly streak of piss that he is. just like he wants the england team never to win, we hope this sad twat never wins fuck all. now fuck off back to jockland ha ha ha

  13. @NottinghamForest22 Maybe, but he still would have won more titles than Henman managed… making Murray the better and more successful of the two. That was what we were debating.

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