22 comments on “Andy Murray & Tim Henman Vs Ivan Lendl & Tomas Berdych – Full Match HD – Rally Against Cancer”

  1. Correction: I am a guy and tomas berdych has the best looking girlfriend on tour.

  2. I am a guy and tomas berdych is the best looking tennis player on tour. There, I said it.

  3. Umm I could be wrong, but if Berdych participated in a charity match doesn’t it mean that he’s not an arrogant evil mastermind as 80% of the tennis population believe ?

  4. Tired Novak ? Oh you mean the same Novak at the AO last year when he beat Murray in an exhausting 5 hour SF match ? Yeah, after 2 days he beat Nadal in a 6 hour match, so your excuses are 100% invalid.

  5. Oh fuck off son, what kind of fucking excuse is this bullshit? HE WAS TIRED? He’s number one in the world he should get some sleep and get the job done and not relay upon pathetic excuses.

    What a load of Horse shit “He was tired” who the fuck cares?

  6. Ok so because I think murray in an annoying prick I must be crazy and insane enough to be jealous of this unreachable elite athlete? I’ve got a tip for you: never become a psychiatrist, your analyses are the worst ever made in history of analyses

  7. Murray’s grunts are annoying through the mic. But no surprises here, he is an annoying prick.

  8. I don’t think Verdasco and Janowiscz were playing below par, do you? Are you trying to say that Andy shouldn’t be number 2 in the world? Because I don’t see what your point is anymore. Was the US Open the same story? Djokovic in the final again, and Djokovic certainly WAS playing on par. Part of being a champion is pulling it out the bag where it matters most. I don’t know how you can discredit that.

  9. Please go to this guys channel. The most recent activity is a like for a video suggesting that sex might be causing chronic fatigue… I’ll let you insert your own joke there

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