25 comments on “Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic in London”

  1. to clarify, even tennis pros cannot do some of these things in real life, it’d be the equivalent of the soccer ads where ronaldhino does his crazy soccer shit

  2. Murray should better practice how to play without his mom and how to beat Novak!

  3. Ill clear it up for everyone Andy Murray is British while he’s still in competitions, the moment he’s knocked out (which usually doesn’t take long) he becomes Scottish it’s a tradition of the English just like Darren Clarke all of a sudden has become British all of a sudden, good old England as predictable as always.

  4. Basically:

    Most people class England=Britain. some people think english dont mind that, true but some do, like me. im part scottish though and english, but i hate the term british or anyone that confuses england with britain. ive said enough. So in response to ken139,

    WE DO GET UPSET! (some of us, anyway)

  5. @ES183

    I meant britain ! theyre not the same thing! i hate thank mistake only a yank would make! OH, THE SHAME!

  6. @ES183 When did England become an island? or is this just u referring to England and Britain as being the same thing like usual. illustrates my previous point perfectly!

  7. @crazyboyxx OMG u r so thick. Of course the English dont get upset about being called British or English randomly, because u think and treat it as the SAME thing. An english person abroad would not refer to themselves as British and English. Its just British, cause u and the the global population think England = Britain. This is the one main reason why Scots call themselves Scottish. If I go to USA and call myself British, I might as well be saying Im English. We HAVE to say we’re Scottish!

  8. @copsondonuts

    You absolute cunt. England is no shit little island.. or it wasnt…
    And if you’re american the only reason you’re alive is cos of our ‘shit little island’. just reading all the other posts regarding you and your debate buddiees, someone is stirring up a lot of shit. Our food doesnt suck either- shop at Waitrose :p.

    I cant believe you started all of this crap. usa doesnt own tennis. fool. now go to mcdonalds and rest for the day…

  9. I love it too. It’s nam Head PT57A (in this video on and’s hand you see a black grommet that normally doesnt have in retail version it is a pro stock racquet)

  10. Can anyone help me? What is with and’s racquet? It has that same grommet as the prestige, I would love this feature on a radical, can anyone explain?!?

  11. Dennis Lucas has finally revealed the mind reading trick (bit.ly /o9kkpN) I’ve shorten the link because of dumb youtube

  12. @southrules urm how’s he overrated dickhead he’s earnt fourth place in rankings….. Only 3 other tennis players in the world can beat him FACT! I’m guessing your a bitter American? The best your country has to offer is roddick so suck my dick.

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