12 comments on “2007 Tennis Masters Cup Final – Roger Federer Vs David Ferrrer”

  1. why do players break their rackets like that at 6:50, isn’t it insulting for their sponsors?

    and he snapped it like a piece of small branch, i thought they were tougher than that

  2. It’s videos like this which we remind you why so many people regard Federer as the greatest ever.

    Ferrer is an excellent player. No huge weaknesses, very consistent. And Federer outclassed him in every way, wherever he was. Just magical.

  3. I wish the commentators would shut up when the players are exchanging words, i really wanted to catch what a great player like Ferrer said to Federer after such a match. That is far more interesting than what some schmuck behind the mike has to say about comparing Federer’s performances of the week.

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