Djokovic Gettting Stronger

June 23, 2016

Things improved for Novak Djokovic when he accepted that it was a good chance to be a part of the era of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The player won his French Open title on 5th June, although he was behind the Spaniard and Swiss in terms of top titles.

However, Djokovic well managed the show and achieved things that the other two players have yet not achieved. Djokovic held all grand slams at one go unlike other players. The Serbian player, Novak Djokovic achieved all his 12 majors in the Australian Open in 2008 when Nadal, who was 22 years old, had already achieved 3 titles of Roland Garros. Also, Federer, who was 26 years, then claimed his 17 grand slams record. Continue reading Djokovic Gettting Stronger

Murray Will Be Defending His Title

May 29, 2016

Andy Murray is one of the busiest players in the world of tennis and that is expected for someone who is part of the top rung of players. He is the top player from the British circuit and he has recently completed a grueling round of matches in the French Open finals.

Though he did not complete the finals, however, Andy Murray is now set to put on his grass court gear again. The finals were grueling for Andy as he had to face Novak in the game. However, though he did lose out in the finals, he does not have much time to breathe. Continue reading Murray Will Be Defending His Title

Nalbandian’s Legacy

March 8, 2016

David Nalbandian and his fans might be in the woods for long. It was not too long back, at the end of 2013 when David announced his retirement. He held the number three position in the world of tennis. Being a finalist at Wimbledon in 2002, David has had quite a fan following at the time he was active in the courts. Being from Argentina, David played hard till he felt that it was time for him to retire.

Nalbandian also decided to quit when his physical problems started to interfere with his participation in several matches. Due to such problems, he was sidelined for several tournaments. The shoulder is a crucial health component for any tennis player. When David started to have shoulder problems he decided to announce his retirement. Continue reading Nalbandian’s Legacy

Tennis Legends: Mardy Fish

January 17, 2016

If you are nostalgic about Mardy Fish you would probably want to know how he retired from the game. The former world ranking tennis player decided to end his career when he was tackling an anxiety disorder in his personality. However, he still braved and took on the challenge to play in the US Open. His last matches were in the Flushing Meadows.

Fans would certainly want to see him leave the court and end his career in a victorious manner, but the very fact that he decided to participate in a tournament at the end was a worthy end for him. The US Open saw him playing a match on Wednesday. His career had been a successful one though he did face challenges, the last one being able to participate in the tournament in spite of his problems. The last match also saw him getting back to form, but his opponent took the chance of winning away from him. Continue reading Tennis Legends: Mardy Fish

Bernard Tomic: I’m not a bad person

December 22, 2015

Bernard Tomic reckons he is not as bad a person as some people believe he is after hearing about him.

According to Tomic, those who start to keep in touch with him on a regular basis and get close to him, they change their opinion as they get to know his real personality which is quite different from what is portrayed in the media.

Tomic along with his compatriot Nick Kyrgios are considered to be the two bad boys of Tennis in the modern generation. Both of them have found themselves in a number of controversies in the recent times attracting a lot of criticism from all quarters. Continue reading Bernard Tomic: I’m not a bad person

Serena Williams says she also feels nervousness

October 4, 2015

Serena Williams says she also feels nervousness like anyone else, but, with the experience that she has gained over the years, she has now got the idea how to keep the emotions in check and focus on the job in hand.

Serena appears to be pretty calm whenever she is on the court and people reckon it’s one of her qualities which has helped her win so many games and titles, but, as per the veteran herself, she actually does not happen to be as calm as it, maybe, looks from outside. She battles with her own jitters.

Speaking to an American news network recently, Serena said, “I think you must see me practicing once. I don’t think I am that calm and relaxed. Of course, when you spend this much of time playing on the tour, you learn a lot of things one of which is how to carry yourself on and off the court. So, I don’t express myself that much during games. But, the nervousness is always there.” Continue reading Serena Williams says she also feels nervousness